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Parts Specials in Burlington MA 


The sound of the racetrack: The 911 Soundbar. 

From 0 – 60 in 3.5 seconds. Up to 9,000 revolutions per minute. 475 hp of unbridled passion. While these are merely numbers to some, enthusiasts recognize them as a long song to the sports car: the sound of the 911 GT3. It is the sound of limits being transcended. Now you can enjoy the music and audio you love with the authentic Porsche sound experience in your living room via the 911 Soundbar. This high-end audio unit features a 2.1 virtual surround system with an integrated subwoofer plus Bluetooth® wireless, encased in an original Porsche 911 GT3 rear silencer with twin exhaust pipes. We think of it as the ultimate sound experience to enjoy your music within your four walls. The 911 Soundbar is available for order at your authorized Porsche dealership.


Offer expires: 12/31/2017


The 2017 Porsche Calendar captures that fascination for sports cars that makes our hearts beat faster, just by looking at a silhouette. It also unmasks the secret Porsche garage through 13 extraordinary images. The calendar images are an impressive display of how brilliant ideas were refined through the decades and how shapes and details were developed to give these exclusive sports cars their distinctive Porsche look. Available NOW at Herb Chambers Porsche Burlington.



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