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Porsche of Burlington

Protect Your Investment

SIMONIZ GlassCoat - $895.

Protect your Porsche with Simoniz GlassCoat. GlassCoat provides coverage to your paint and your interior that you do not get from the manufacturer. The exterior paint is protected with a ceramic resin that bonds to your clearcoat to protect it from environmental fallout (ex. acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, hard water, and uv damage). Simoniz utilizes Teflon surface protectors to the interior seats, floor mats and carpeting. This process protects your interior from stains, consumable food products, makeup, vomit, urine, pet waste, and clothing dye/ink.

Simoniz is a state of the art protection back by a written & insured warranty. One-time cost for application of $895.

Porsche Tire & Wheel Protection - $1,695.

Tire & Wheel Protection covers the cost to replace and repair tires and wheels due to road hazard and damage. (potholes, screws/nails, glass, road debris)

Tires – covers cost of the replacement tire, mount & balancing, valve stems, and all labor and sales tax.

Wheels -  covers the cost of replacing the wheel if tire cannot hold air and covers all cosmetic repairs due to curb impact.

Enjoy having peace of mind with Porsche Tire & Wheel protection. This comprehensive warranty covers 5 years with unlimited miles and $0 deductible. Only $1,695

Premium Shield - $895.

State of the art paint protection film that protects your vehicles paint from rock/stone chips and scratches/dings from road debris. This kit will protect your front bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors.

Drive with ease knowing your new vehicle is protected. Backed with a limited ten year warranty, One-time installation of $895

LoJack's Vehicle Theft Recovery - $695.

Your new Porsche will come equipped with a standard alarm system however there is no way to track and locate the vehicle if your car is stolen. Lojack is a device that is used by law enforcement to track and locate your vehicle in the event it was stolen. Lojack has been used for over thirty years now with a class leading technology use by law enforcement all of the world. Historically vehicles are recovered in Massachusetts within 60 to 90 minutes using LoJack.

Get your Porsche back with LoJack's vehicle theft recovery system. One-time cost installation of $695. 


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